Animal Welfare

Our team cares for every pig, every day. Our teams commit to living by our core principles daily and there is zero tolerance for the mistreatment of our pigs. Any observation of animal abuse should be reported immediately to 1-855-563-1690 or send an email to [email protected]

Caring for Animals Is Our Business

Although our business has grown and evolved over the years, our commitment to providing high-quality care for our animals has remained. We believe in adopting and upholding the industry’s highest ethical principles and animal well-being practices. Across every farm and in each stage of production, our team members provide quality care to every pig, every day.

We Pledge To Create a Caring Environment for Our Animals.

Our team members commit to the Pillen family’s promise of doing what’s right. That means providing humane treatment to all pigs, at each farm, at all times. We’re committed to complete compliance with the Nebraska Livestock Animal Welfare Act, the National Pork Board’s PQA Plus Program and every component of its Common Swine Industry Audit. No level of abuse, cruelty or neglect of our animals is accepted or tolerated — we’re 100% committed to treating our animals, and our team, right.

Pillen Family Farms We Care Pledge 


  • Care for all of our pigs by making sure they have food, water and air.
  • Be patient at all times and never lose my temper with pigs or my teammates.
  • Consider the personal safety and health of every team member and animal in each decision I make.

Animal Welfare And Safety Reporting Hotline

If a willful act of abuse, cruelty or neglect is observed by any Pillen Family Farm team member, we expect the observer to immediately report the incident to the Lead Officer, Business Leader or the Pillen family, within 24 hours of the incident.

If the observer prefers to remain anonymous, they can call
1-855-563-1690 or send an email to [email protected].